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Your unique, meaningful mission is the way you make an impact. Your message is the way that impact spreads.

Scale your impact with a system that communicates the value your brand offers to the world.

Brandividuation Logo

Your unique, meaningful mission is the way you make an impact. Your message is the way that impact spreads.

Scale your impact with a system that communicates the value your brand offers to the world.

“Working with you and the final product was beyond anything I could have imagined. I appreciate all of your hard work and look forward to putting your advice into action.”

Aisha Bullard
Founder and CEO, Where We Help
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Nearly every business or organization claims to be purpose-driven at this point. If you want to make a real difference, you have to be different.

What if your brand could have the advantage of having distinctive messaging and positioning uniquely specific to its identity and your audience?

Brandividuation® is the revolutionary process that cohesively aligns your brand and marketing for seamless collaboration that gets results.

Marketing is making a shift.

Gone are the days when you could talk at people and expect results. As our global culture is changing, so is the way people interact with brands. 

People care about brands they identify with and believe in.

To keep up with the evolving narrative, brands must stop wasting time and budgets:

  • Being stuck in ideation, thinking of all the possibilities instead of the best direction and implementation
  • Piecemealing everything in their marketing and hacking it together instead of making it all make sense together
  • “Testing” different copy and creative for the sake of testing, instead of having a conversation with their audience to find out what they want
  • Having a disconnected team, with arms that focus in different areas without a centralized strategy
  • (Or even worse) spending hundreds or even thousands on what some consider “branding,” only to have their audience (AKA humans with heartbeats) left disappointed, feeling like something’s missing
  • Nobody is talking about the huge gap between business and brand.
  • Your brand needs a cohesive and solid foundation of its essence.
  • You need clear, actionable guidelines for your team.

Only then can your business connect the right message with the right audience.

Let’s bring everyone out of the silos and into a shared narrative.

Brandividuation Logo

the foundation every business or organization needs.

The Brandividuation® Book puts your brand direction, marketing intelligence, messaging guidance, and positioning power all in one place.

Your team will use this for everything you do in connection to your brand, so there’s an infinite return on your investment

With Brandividuation®, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect in more meaningful ways with more of the right people
  • Save THOUSANDS of $ in ineffective services and unuseful products that don’t accurately represent your brand OR speak to your dream clients 
  • Bring your team together for more cohesive and intentional marketing efforts
  • Elevate your brand’s presence and attract more of the right audience
  • Align your brand and team, even across geographical locations
Open pages of the Total Brandividuation Book Deliverable

Your detailed Brandividuation® Book will define your brand’s:

1 | Unique Character

  • Voice (What You Have to Say)
  • Tone (How You Say It)
  • Core Brand Voice Values
  • Supporting Brand Personality Traits

2 | Relation to the World

  • Key Brand Words
  • Key Brand Phrases
  • Brand Purpose
  • Differentiation (Unique Brand Value Statement)
  • Brand Commitment Matrix

3 | Connection to the World

  • Brand Philosophy & Promise
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Story
  • Story Framing
  • Key Touch Points
  • Value Ladder of Engagement

Basically, ALL the guidance your team needs, but has never had all in one place.

That's Positioning Power, My friend

Let’s build your foundation now.

Investment starts at $3,500 
Need the details? Email to request a Pricing and Process Guide.

You can even request a consultation so your team can be trained on implementing the Brandividuation® guidelines.

Your Brandividuation® Team

Amber Brooks sitting with journal and coffee cup

Amber Brooks is the founder of Brandividuation®, a turnkey solution for evolving impact-driven brands who are here to take a stand and make a difference in the world. She helps founders and teams who are ready to scale their impact to massive levels with intentional messaging and marketing. 

Let's talk about how we can help your brand fully embody your big, meaningful mission and scale your impact with Brandividuation.®

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